National Western Stock Show

Six Horse Teams - 84 draft horses in all

It’s a big deal in Denver.  I’ve never been but a friend had tickets and asked me to go tonight.  It was interesting.  We attended the Draft Horse Show (which had quite a few mules, too).  There was the typical fair food – turkey drumsticks, fried dough and one I’d never heard of before, deep fried corn on the cob – it was dipped in batter first.  Some I tried, that one I passed by this time.  Maybe at the 4th of July festival.

Saw lots of livestock.  Was amazed at the mule pole bending trials – where mules run full out and around poles.  They were fast and agile.  Beautiful to watch perform.

Until then my only experience had been with draft mules – the larger of the mules, made for pulling heavy loads.  They’re fast, but nothing compared to these smaller riding mules.  I know first hand they could move fast, because I’ve been at one end of a pasture calling a pair while holding their apple treats.  They flew through the field and it was all I could do to hold my ground while 2 tons of 9 foot walls ran toward me, but they stopped on a dime and I rewarded them for not mowing me down.  And in case you’re ever in the need to make friends with a mule, they have a soft spot for having their ears rubbed.

We didn't get to the big rodeo, but did see the Stick Horse Rodeo

By far the favorite event of the entire evening was the 6-horse team wagons.  Beautiful animals, beautiful wagons and by the end of the event there were 84 draft horses lined up in a row.  That’s over 210,000 lbs of animal.  Thundering hooves.  And I saw my first Clydesdales and Belgian Draft horses.

Now I can say I have been to the stock show.   A few of the moments:

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