Chicken Gumbo

Sorry about the light posting, we’ve had some work in the kitchen done – some new countertops along with a new sink.  That didn’t take too long, and didn’t cause me any pain or suffering.  Taking the old countertop to the basement and installing it in a corner down there did take some time and effort.  Noticing the lighting was poor hit me when I was weak and feeling handy.  Gah.  Nothing for it but to replace a dozen cheap shop light fixtures with more cheap fixtures.  But hey!  They have electronic instant on gizmos!

Now I wait for the new single bowl sink to fit into the hole the old one came out of so Mrs J can have a nice dog wash/deskunking station.  It’s near where a clothes washer was installed so the drain and water hook ups are close by and pose no particular problem for this old plumber.  Now then, where was I?  Ah —Just a basic gumbo, this one with chicken, Andouille sausage, and tasso.

6 thoughts on “Chicken Gumbo

  1. But are they granite counter-tops? 😉

    Want to share that gumbo recipe? I’m thinking maybe next week for BJ should be Gumbos or mardi gras theme and I don’t have a gumbo recipe I’m truly comfortable with…


  2. No! They are good, Republican, cloth countertops!

    Recipe? I make these with my eyes closed these days. I did the Alton Brown baked roux, then added the trinity to sweat down along with garlic and creole seasonings. Add chicken stock, bay leaves and thyme, frozen sliced okra, roasted chicken, diced and sauteed Andouille and tasso. Simmer for a couple of hours.


  3. Okay then, as long as you didn’t get none of them sosulist, commie granite tops.

    I do believe your recipe will be the highlight of next week’s recipe exchange, oh, no wait, February 16th recipe (mardi gras seems late this year). Next week will have to be some obligatory super bowl stuff.


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