The handy man can..

I mentioned back in this post that I was waiting for a new sink to come in.  It arrived and was a perfect fit for the old countertop we tore out of the kitchen.  I’ve been the last several days puttering about in the basement, installing new light fixtures with electronic ballasts and starters to replace a bunch that have been down there for many years and were failing.  I can do some plumbing but I’m nothing more than a very rough carpenter and that shows:

Mrs J wanted a good place to wash the skunk off the dogs without having to lift them too high, the counter height here is a bit lower than standard, it’s about 30″.  I was pleased to find a single compartment stainless steel sink at Amazon for about a third the price the local hardware giant had on theirs.  Mrs J picked out the faucet.  Now I’m half way down in the back and my knees are killing me.  Too old for this stuff.  I did have fun.  Didn’t get a whole lot of cooking done.  Mrs J did turn out a nice fish dinner while I was slaving away in the basement.