Gadget Post: Crock-Pot

So I decided I needed to update my crock-pot, which was really my mom’s crock-pot, so that puts it in the 30+ year old range.  It was the kind that the crock was not removable, so it was a pain to clean.  But it has served me well, so I always questioned the need for a new one.

It has now been handed down once again and will probably continue to slow-cook on for another 30 years.

Now I just had to decide what I needed in a slow-cooker.  Size was one consideration, I have no need for a 6-QT or larger.  I rarely cook that much at one time to justify the space it would take up.   4-5 QT seemed the perfect size.  Consumer Reports did a report on slow-cookers a while back and two things were clear, you didn’t need more than 3 heat settings – high, low and warm – and dials worked better and lasted longer than a digital display.

I found a little 4-QT Crock-Pot, it had only two heat settings, but to get the warm setting I’d have to go up to 6-QT and that was a no-go.  It looks to be perfect for my needs and it will get its first real test with a couple of pot roasts in the next two weeks (one will be a test recipe, the other will be one for guests – that is if the test recipe turns out ok).

I’ll keep you posted.  Until then….

EDIT:  I meant to add a couple of links.  This is one of my favorite slow-cooker recipes and here are the search results for slow-cooker recipes on the blog.

6 thoughts on “Gadget Post: Crock-Pot

  1. I recently got a new one… Second one with digital display. Didn’t consider that they wouldn’t last as long. But I love it – set tune, switches to keep warm and all. I love the locking lid!


  2. Hi gluten girl, always happy when you stop by. My crock-pot came with a recipe book – the recipes are kind of lame, but the ideas are great. The first one I’m going to try is scalloped potatoes. And then meatloaf – never thought about that, but if it works, what a great way to make meatloaf on a weeknight.


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