Mmm… Awesome Cookies

That’s the first thought I had when I bit into a cookie, just barely cool enough to sample, from the first batch out of the oven.  These started out the same way most of my cookies adventures do, with a Google ingredient search.  I was organizing a cupboard and had stuff strewn about on the counters – bags of nuts and sugars, dried fruit and chocolate blocks and chips along with the odd box of baking soda and instant pudding.  I spotted a half used bag of shredded coconut and remembered that the last time I made cookies with the stuff I liked the result.  Hoping to find that recipe I entered “coconut + cookies” into the search box, hoping to see a recipe that looked familiar.  Nope…  Nope…  Eh?  Oatmeal coconut cookies?  Lets see what that looks like.

A quick scan of the ingredient list and I was sold.  I had everything, or close enough.  The recipe mentions that it makes large cookies, and that’s a fact.  I ended up with 19 by actual count.  My cookie trays were just large enough for 8 at a time so I did a couple of batches rather than load 2 trays and go through the mid cycle swap and rotate business.  Plenty of time, the big game was on.  I used semi sweet chocolate chips in mine, and chopped pecans.  I betcha raisins would be good in these…

Highly recommended.  Enjoy!

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