Red Beans and Rice with Pickled Pork

We usually watch recorded episodes of cooking shows while we are eating dinner.  We have a small TV on a counter hooked up to a “nettop” computer and also to a Dish DVR.  The computer is great for looking up recipes online, and the DVR has forever ruined me for watching broadcast TV.  Anyway, the other day we had an old Alton Brown show playing when he started in on pickling pork for red beans and rice.  I’m pretty sure I’d never heard about such a thing but he made it sound good enough to try.  I cut up some pork, assembled the pickling solution, and boiled it for the few minutes the recipe specified.  Then it was just a matter of letting the brine do its work for three days.  Longer would be fine but two weeks seems to be all Alton was comfortable with before use or draining and freezing the meat.  They are just a tad larger than the inch cubes the recipe wanted, I cut them down a bit before stirring them into the pot.Bring everything to a boil then cover and reduce the heat to a low simmer, give them a couple of hours covered then remove the lid and raise the heat a little so the liquid reduces to where you want it to be.  Serve over rice with a side of cheddar cornbread.  Add extra hot sauce as desired.