Pea Soup, with Enhancements

I’ve been looking at a jar of dried split peas in the pantry for a while, decided today was the day for them.  Took the opportunity to scrounge some tasso and ham from the freezer.  I’ve been using from those two packages of meat as required for this and that, this dish finished them both off.  I always dice onions for my pea soups, and lately have been adding carrots for the color if for no other reason.  This pot had been simmering for a couple of hours and wasn’t getting quite thick enough to suit me and so I diced and added a couple of potatoes for the starch.  I may do it every time because this was some very good soup.  There are a few bay leaves in it, and a half teaspoon of dried thyme along with some onion and garlic powders.

Soup needs some decent bread.  I made some cornbread for this batch, I bet a good hearty hunk of whole wheat bread fresh from the oven would just kill with this. The cornbread is the standard recipe from the back of the corn meal canister, with additions of cheddar cheese and minced red and green bell peppers.  The link goes to a recipe with bacon and jalapenos but it has the basic recipe in there too.  Makes a nice garnish, eh?