Some people, I swear.  These are the litter from a basset momma and when the owner saw they were not pure basset she put them out to fend for themselves.  Neighbor rescued them and brought them to the shelter.Ten of them.  Too young to be without their momma, staff worked overtime to clean and feed and warm them.  They’re eating canned food, nothing hard yet.  They were put out onto the sidewalk in front of the owner’s house and spent the night there.  She assumed, correctly as it happens, that someone else would deal with them.


6 thoughts on “Puppies!

  1. Puppehs!!!

    Special level of hell for people like this, I swear. I suppose it’s too much to ask that the “breeder” (and I use the term loosely) faced any legal ramifications? Colorado is really tough (not tough enough) on anyone who knowingly endangers an animal.


    • Nothing will be done. Worst case of abuse I’ve heard of around here was a puppy thrown in among fighting pit bulls. County sheriff was involved but no charges were ever filed.


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