I’ve been dreaming of a white pizza

Not sure why but I got a notion to build a pizza with a white sauce today.  I surfed around looking at recipes and went with what I would call a Mornay sauce if it was over pasta.  Just a basic white sauce, a roux of flour and butter with milk added and cheese stirred in as it thickened.  I grated some Parmesan and Romano for this one, about 2 cups.  The white sauce was 2T each of butter and flour and a cup and a bit of milk.  I splashed in a wee bit more milk when it looked like the sauce was a bit thick.  I ended up troweling it onto the pizza dough.  I stirred in some dried basil, was really wishing I had some fresh, and five cloves of smashed and minced garlic. I layered in slices of mozzarella, and added blanched broccoli and diced grilled chicken.  Grated some more Parmesan on top but I don’t think it was needed.  This went into a 375 oven.  I looked in after 12 minutes and saw that it wasn’t even close yet.  I took the opportunity to brush some olive oil onto the crust.  The sauce and the mozzarella combined into a roiling bubbly sea with islands of green dotted about and I was worried that the pizza would be a bust.  It was smelling great, at any rate.  I lost track of the time but I’d guess it was in there for another 20 minutes.  I pulled it out when the top was showing some nice color.The sauce was still very liquid as it came out but it set up nicely as it cooled a bit and wasn’t runny, relieving me of that particular worry. Some salt and fresh ground pepper, a generous sprinkle of red pepper flakes, and it was ready.  I was starved and the pizza did not disappoint me at all.


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