Happy Leap Day!

Here are a few more pictures from the trip:

This is the big girl I got to give a scritch to. She loves apples.

The seals were quite the controversy.  Everyone loves them, but some want humans banned from interacting with them.

From what we saw, the seals were fine with the people, the people were respectful. This was a people beach and the seals decided to join the fun.

I suspect if they no longer wanted to interact, they’d go about their way.

Loved watching the moms interact with their very active pups.  Every once in a while, one would speed off to the water and dive in.  Mom was not far behind making sure they didn’t go too far out, then they’d push them back to shore. They’d promptly head back to the water.  A battle of wills any parent recognizes.

The cliffs around the beach were also a hangout for brown pelicans.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many – must have been hundreds.  They make quite a mess as you might imagine.

Okay that’s it for this trip.  Tomorrow were doing fruit desserts for the Thursday recipe exchange, so I’d better get busy finding a recipe.  Until then…