Mmm… sweet potato fries

Dodged another tornado this afternoon, series of twisters tore a path away from us towards the east.  A few gusts here and a bit of rain and thunder is all.  I’ve been having fun with my new saw toys, making some tables for the basement where Mrs J has set up sewing central.

Here’s a little something to tide us over:Spotted these in the freezer section at the store the other day and snagged them.  They are pretty good, I deep fried these from frozen.  The meat is from a package of baby back ribs I left cook on low all night in chicken broth.  After it cooled the next day I removed the bones and cooked some of it again in pork fat skimmed from the chilled broth from the crockpot.  Some of the edges crisped up nicely.  The bun was fresh baked.  I may have another when I hit publish on this post.

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