Mmm… pork pot pie

Still busy busy in the shop, doing some much delayed piddling around.  I’m pretty well caught up with the table project for Mrs J’s sewing nook.  Not all that pretty but they are “hell for stout”, as my Daddy used to say.  Of course he was talking about me at the time.  I may do a gadget post with the new saws spotlighted even if that is a bit far afield from the usual around here.

We used the last of that pork in pot pies today – biscuit dough crust on the cast iron skillet model that I assembled for supper, and a couple of those little cute ones in 4″ tins that used up a ready made pie crust for lunch this afternoon.The biscuit crust was the star of the skillet pie, I made enough for a bottom crust on this one to go along with the rolled top crust.  Recipe from the Joy of Baking site.Filling was the usual veggie mix:  Potatoes, carrots, peas, celery, and a good handful of the little pearl onions that I bought and finally got around to using.  The pork was from that crockpot batch, and the gravy from the same pot with additional chicken stock.I wonder just how the “pork pie hat” got it’s name…

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