Daily Archives: March 6, 2012

Honey, You Don’t Look a Day Over 99

Happy 100th birthday to Oreos.  I suppose I could post a recipe on how to make your own Oreos (there are a bunch out there), but why bother? These are perfect the way they are. I eat them rarely, but when I do I love them dipped in milk. I don’t separate them, as I like the combination of textures and flavors.  I love Oreo ice cream and using Oreos for pie crusts.

So, while I prefer homemade desserts most days, nothing beats* an Oreo for a quick junk food fix.  How do you eat your Oreos? And are you going to celebrate today with a tall glass of milk and a sleeve of Oreos?

*Except maybe mint fudge cream oreos or chocolate covered mint oreos (which I’m not sure they make anymore are limited editions).