Beef Posole

I saw this dried posole (hominy) the other day and bought some, just because.  Mrs J says she is a fan of hominy and wanted lots of it in her next posole dish.  I’ve never tried any from dried, always buying the canned product, and figured it couldn’t be too different from dried beans in the cooking.  These did need quite a bit of boiling – the recipe on the label said to soak overnight, then boil for two hours before adding any other ingredient, then simmer for another hour “or until the posole is tender”.   I started them this morning at eight and finally dished it up at about one thirty, adding additional water as needed to keep it covered.  Not saying it needed all of that time, but it wasn’t overcooked.

I have made this with pork a lot, but tried it with stew beef this time.  A very simple recipe, there’s the posole, the beef, some minced garlic, a teaspoon of oregano, an onion, some dried pepper pods (New Mexico chilies and some anchos), salt and pepper.  I let the chilies cook for a while, then decided to take them out and run them through the blender.  I was trying to be true to the recipe on the label but I should have just softened the chilies in a bit of boiling water and pureed them right from the start.  Just add everything to the posole after the two hour boil, turn the heat to simmer, and cover.

The beef posole was good, not nearly as good as with pork but still good.  I may try some with chicken next time: posole blanco.


Thursday Recipe Exchange: Pizza

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JeffreyW's Fantastic White Pizza

On the road again, but didn’t forget you. Tonight I thought it would be fun if we shared pizza recipes. And if we’re talking about pizza, at least at What’s 4 Dinner Solutions, we’re talking JeffreyW’s great pizza incarnations. I think he posts a new one at least once a week and each looks better than the last. I knew as soon as he posted it, I wanted to feature his White Pizza recipe.  But his ideas just start there, he makes Deep Dish Pizzas, a variety of pita pizzas and an array of pizzas topped with his Awesome Sauce.

JeffreyW's Pizza with Dried Tomatoes

Next week:Rice will be our ingredient.

Now it’s your turn, what do put on your pizza?  Here is Jeffrey’s original white pizza post:

I’ve Been Dreaming of a White Pizza

Not sure why but I got a notion to build a pizza with a white sauce today.  I surfed around looking at recipes and went with what I would call a Mornay sauce if it was over pasta.  Just a basic white sauce, a roux of flour and butter with milk added and cheese stirred in as it thickened.  I grated some Parmesan and Romano for this one, about 2 cups.  The white sauce was 2T each of butter and flour and a cup and a bit of milk.  I splashed in a wee bit more milk when it looked like the sauce was a bit thick.  I ended up troweling it onto the pizza dough.  I stirred in some dried basil, was really wishing I had some fresh, and five cloves of smashed and minced garlic.

I layered in slices of mozzarella, and added blanched broccoli and diced grilled chicken.  Grated some more Parmesan on top but I don’t think it was needed.

This went into a 375 oven.  I looked in after 12 minutes and saw that it wasn’t even close yet.  I took the opportunity to brush some olive oil onto the crust.  The sauce and the mozzarella combined into a roiling bubbly sea with islands of green dotted about and I was worried that the pizza would be a bust.  It was smelling great, at any rate.  I lost track of the time but I’d guess it was in there for another 20 minutes.  I pulled it out when the top was showing some nice color.The sauce was still very liquid as it came out but it set up nicely as it cooled a bit and wasn’t runny, relieving me of that particular worry.

Some salt and fresh ground pepper, a generous sprinkle of red pepper flakes, and it was ready.  I was starved and the pizza did not disappoint me at all.  Great garlic and cheese flavors, and there will be a rematch tomorrow:

Thanks Jeffrey!  Are you hungry yet? Now I’m off in search of pizza in Santa Monica.  Woo-hoo!