Thursday Recipe Exchange: Pizza

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JeffreyW’s Fantastic White Pizza

On the road again, but didn’t forget you. Tonight I thought it would be fun if we shared pizza recipes. And if we’re talking about pizza, at least at What’s 4 Dinner Solutions, we’re talking JeffreyW’s great pizza incarnations. I think he posts a new one at least once a week and each looks better than the last. I knew as soon as he posted it, I wanted to feature his White Pizza recipe.  But his ideas just start there, he makes Deep Dish Pizzas, a variety of pita pizzas and an array of pizzas topped with his Awesome Sauce.

JeffreyW’s Pizza with Dried Tomatoes

Next week:Rice will be our ingredient.


4 thoughts on “Thursday Recipe Exchange: Pizza

  1. Cocktail sauce from Fresh Horseradish and Ketchup with some lime, mix and spread as the sauce. Top with precooked shrimp diced. Top with mozarella and cook. If you like shrimp this will do it for you.


  2. That looks fantastic! I will be making this soon.

    Advice on how to make pizza dough: The most important thing is to ensure that you let your dough rise entirely. It’s also possible to freeze unbaked pizza crust that has been rolled out, but also to get ready to permit it to arise about 1/2 an hour prior to using it. Making pizza crust isn’t a quick process mostly because of that reason.


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