Chicken Posole

I said I would make posole again, this time with chicken, and did today.  I was thinking white posole going into it but I talked myself into going two ways – one with green chilies and another with red ones.  I can’t pick a favorite, both are very good.

Start the day before, soak the dried hominy overnight in water, then put it on to boil for a couple of hours.  Plop a whole chicken into a stew pot and cook it while the posole is going.  I added carrots and celery and onions along with several whole cloves of garlic to the stew pot.  Bone the cooked carcass and set the meat aside, skim the fat from the stock and pour the stock into the hominy pot after straining out the solids.  You can’t overcook the hominy unless you boil it dry.  Break up the chicken with a fork and add it in along with two teaspoons of oregano.

Here is where you decide which way to go.  I flipped a coin and it came up heads and tails.  Dividing the recipe into two pots allowed me to have it both ways.  (I’m sure there are more than two ways!)  I started some dried chilies simmering in a sauce pan for the red posole, and opened a can of green chilies to add to the other.  Each version got an onion sliced into it, the white version got the green chilies and a healthy dose of freshly ground cumin, the simmered chili pods were pureed with a slug of lime juice and a few garlic cloves and added to the other.

There are a bunch of traditional garnishes for these dishes, today I had cheese, jalapenos, and nachos for the red, and cabbage, jalapenos, and nachos for the white.  Thinly sliced radishes are common, as are avocados and fresh chilies, cilantro for those that use it.