Mmm… food!

Mowed some high spots in the yard today, rigged the MiFi hotspot with it’s little mag base external antenna on the motor hood and toured the lawn listening to Pandora.  Aren’t we special.  Remember, no texting while driving!  Not sure it is much of an improvement over just going with the iPod and recorded tunes and podcasts but there you go.

We’ve been eating hamburgers and leftovers while I have been doodling in the garage setting up a laptop and trying to get a powerline network adapter to work.  I can get it to work in the house from various locations but can’t get it working well enough to extend the house LAN into the garage, and the wifi doesn’t reach there either.  I suppose an external antenna might work.  I’m loathe to mess with the cheap wireless DSL router Frontier set me up with.  I’m making do out there with the Verizon LTE MiFi for internet access, works well enough with that little antenna centered in a window facing the direction of the cell tower.  I am in a fringe reception area and the LTE signal is sporadic at best sans the antenna, with it I can expect to see download speeds in the 3-4 Mb/sec range.  Better than my DSL speed, but capped in my plan at 5 Gb/Mo.We do enjoy our burgers.  Mrs J is the tater tot fan, I like them fine but do prefer shoestring fries.  We have an accommodation.  Hard to beat a good beefsteak, though.  The fries roasted in the same tray as the sprouts – a little olive oil and kosher salt.. mmm.