Mmm… Stir fried shrimp over noodles.

There are parsnips in there.  I just wanted to mention that up front.  Genius move?  Desperation?  I will mention that the broccoli I wanted to use was way past it’s use by date.  Other than the parsnips, this was a straightforward stir fry.  Cook the shrimp almost done in a bit of oil then set them aside and cook the veggies in the same pan, add a bit more oil as needed and toss in plenty of minced garlic.  The sauce is chicken stock with a slug of Chinese rice wine, a splash of sesame oil, grated ginger root, a couple spoonfuls of the chili garlic paste, some rice wine vinegar, and a tablespoon or two of corn starch.  I made nearly three cups total.  Add the sauce when the veggies are still crisp, and add back the semi cooked shrimp, stir to combine as the sauce thickens.  This will work over rice, I used noodles today.  The veggies?  Well, the parsnips I mentioned, and there are carrots that were also prepared with the special super secret peeler gadget, sliced celery, water chestnuts, and sliced red onion.

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