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Friday Dinner Music: We are Young

The first time I heard this was on Glee and had to track it down.  Below is an acoustic version. And what strikes me most is how stunning  Janelle Monáe is.



My First Cookbook

Like many kids, this was my first cookbook. It was a gift, and to this day, obviously one of my favorites, since I still remember when I got it (10 year birthday) and from whom (godmother Ruth).  After trolling around the internet this morning, looking for pictures since mine is long gone, it seems though, that my experiences with this cookbook were not unique.

The recipes were either incredibly simplistic:

….or so incredibly complicated you’d need Emeril on staff to help you make it:

I have come to believe Betty Crocker had no one on staff to recipe test these recipes, as most, even if completed successfully, were pretty awful.  And for sure no children were recruited in the testing phase. As cookbooks go, it was certain to make any aspiring cook feel like an abject failure. It managed to set me on a path to improving my cooking skills. I was not to be cowered by recipe failure at the tender age of 10. Luckily my next cookbook was full of win:

This is still my go-to book for basics and how-tos.  It’s never failed me. And once I felt more accomplished, I branched out to a bit of an ‘exotic’ book:

After that, there was no stopping me.  What was your first cookbook? Do you have a favorite  go-to cookbook you couldn’t live without?