Your dog wants steak

Managed to finish another patio bench for container plantings, and put together a second tomato rig with wire cage to hold a grape tomato I ran across.  I was going to put in a cherry tomato called “Husky Red” but a little reading told me that it was a fairly compact tomato bred for containers and would likely not need the tall cage.  I put it in a container with a relatively short wire frame that I used last year on a grape tomato that outgrew it in no time.

On the bench are cilantro, the compact cherry tomato, and fernleaf dill.  I have been looking for parsley but haven’t found any yet, nor have I seen any Roma tomatoes.  I did plant a couple of “Better Boy” tomatoes and some “Big Bertha” green peppers out in the big garden around back, along with basil that was extra.

The latest bench shows some design improvements over the first one, mitered joints and no end grains showing.  One of these days I may buy some real nice lumber and try something more advanced.