Crab Apple in Full Bloom

The crab apple tree that gave us our main ingredient for last year’s Apple Butter is in full bloom. I thought it looked so pretty when the sun came out,  I took a few shots.

3 thoughts on “Crab Apple in Full Bloom

  1. My crabapple is in full bloom now, as well. I love that tree, it’s the prettiest part of my whole yard. But I had NO IDEA that crabapples are edible! All these years I’ve let the birds have them. I’m gonna hafta try your apple butter recipe – thanks!!


    • Hi gardengirl! Thanks for stopping by. Edible depends on the crab apple. Many are ornamental and they are only good as bird food. This tree is an old fashioned crab apple with larger apples, lots of flesh and tiny seeds. So it depends on the kind you have.


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