Mmm… you want steak

The local grocery had these flat iron steaks on sale the other day so I grabbed a couple.  They are not a new cut of beef, exactly, but over the last few years they have managed to gain the attention of foodies.  I wasn’t sure quite how to fix it so I fell back on the old faithful method of rubbing in cracked black peppercorns and then grilling for 5 or 6 minutes per side.  Seemed to work just fine, tasted good and was pretty tender.

I’ve mentioned before that Mrs J sews pet beds and such like and donates them to the shelter where she volunteers.  She has help – Homer supervises her closely.No, he isn’t napping on the job!  He is just squinting to see better.  Bitsy is the product tester.  She is very rigorous and attentive to detail.Note the “tomato” pin cushion in the plastic box behind her.  Bitsy is quite fond of pulling the pins and hiding them about.  Good thing it isn’t a grenade!

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