Perfecting My Post While Trotting

Photo from Sun Pony Ranch

I’m a long way from it, but getting there…

Today was my first riding lesson. It was challenging. Lots of bad habits that need to be redirected. I’m struggling because I’m usually such a confident rider, but now I’m questioning everything I’m doing. Great thing about teaching horses, they really are good about reading a rider. I swear Katie would just do stuff to make me get out of my head and back on her. She’ll be my horse for a couple of lessons, then they’ll change things up so we are confident on any horse, not just the one we’ve learned to read.

Adult lessons are small, with mixed skill levels, which is great because I learn as much from watching everyone else. One student is learning to ride with an English saddle for the first time. Watching her struggle to adapt, I think I’ll stick to Western.

Can’t wait for next week.

In totally unrelated news, mangoes seem to be everywhere right now. Anyone have some good mango recipes? I may have to get a few and do some tropical smoothies.

Until then…

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