I Dropped the Slab of Bacon in the Deep Fryer….Now What?

Ok, I don’t really know how they came up with the idea of deep frying bacon, but don’t the best cooking ideas usually come from some kind of mix-up in the kitchen?

Photo from Chow.com. Click on the photo to see more photos there.

I was trying to catch up on the blogs I follow last night and what did I come across?  Kirk Spencer’s post on Deep Frying Bacon, appropriately titled, “Drool”. I didn’t know if I should be inspired or horrified.

I have to admit, if someone offered me a slice, I’d take.  The original story can be found here, along with all kinds of great pictures:  Fried Bacon from Boucherie Fairmount

3 thoughts on “I Dropped the Slab of Bacon in the Deep Fryer….Now What?

  1. Actually, restaurants came up with deep frying bacon, though it’s usually the strips. It cooks it faster and it renders it better (which leads to crispier and slighly less greasy bacon).

    If you’ve got a large gathering and intend to serve them bacon, if you’ve got a deep fryer available use it. If there’s room (a double-basket affair, for example) you can also use it for the hash browns for those who like all-crisp browns.


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