Mmm… breakfast burrito

It’s so hard to pick a favorite breakfast but these burritos are right up at the top.  I use a couple of pans to do these, one large skillet to brown the tortilla and to hold the assembled burrito as it warms the cheeses to melting, and one to cook the scrambled eggs.  I lay the tortilla in the oiled skillet and turn the heat on under it while scrambling the eggs in a smaller pan.  Spread cheese onto the tortilla as it heats up, spoon the eggs onto the cheese, and lay strips of warmed pre-cooked meat on the eggs, today I used some deli sliced pork roast.  When the bottom of the tortilla has browned a bit, roll the burrito right in the pan.  You can tuck the ends in if you want to but that isn’t really necessary.  Turn the heat down and cover if the cheeses need more time to melt.  Remove the burrito to a cutting board and slice it in two, arrange on a plate and ladle on some salsa and slice fresh peppers for garnish.  The cilantro on the plate today came from my own patio garden this morning.  I hope to have fresh jalapenos from another container planting before too long.

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