Flowering Locusts

This is my favorite time of spring. I used to wait impatiently for the lilacs to bloom and while I still love them, there is something about flowering locusts that make rides special for a short week in the spring.  Their fragrance it so delicate and sweet. That week has arrived:

A few more pics from my ride.  The other side of the bridge above:

And some wildflowers maintained by a local family in honor of a loved one:

Click on any photo to see it full size.

4 thoughts on “Flowering Locusts

  1. There was a building just off the main campus, set back in a grove of locusts – all of them very tall and full. The scent of the blossoms in the spring drew me every year. I’d sit in the shade at a picnic table for a while until summoned away by a pressing duty.


    • I love them and they line the whole river along the path I ride. It’s all I can do not to stop every 5 feet and just smell. Did you get to see the super moon tonight? We had cloudy skies, so no moon.


      • Ah, the moon… I hoped to get a photo of the moon rising and worried that the clouds would be a problem, but I got some snaps off. I’ll put one up in a post today.


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