Candied Bacon with Cayenne

I was at Balloon Juice last night and a commenter mentioned “candied jalapeno bacon” but never answered my plea for a recipe.  I went to teh Google and found a recipe or two but they didn’t seem all that.  I was of a mind to do the candied bacon thing again so I puttered about in the kitchen this morning for a while.I dredged some peppered bacon through some pancake syrup, sprinkled on some maple sugar, and dusted the strips with cayenne.  I had a few rashers left over after covering the tray so I popped those into the microwave atop a cushion of paper towels.  Mrs J had those with her breakfast this morning.  The microwave worked pretty well, I kept giving them and extra 30 seconds and lost track of the time but they came out fairly crisp.  Mrs J said they were fine.The rest spent some quality time in a 425 oven, I gave them 15 minutes and then turned them over, sprinkled a bit more sugar and returned them for another 15 minutes.  The oven was starting to get a little smoky so I pulled them and let them cool a bit.  I turned the oven down and returned them for another few minutes until they crisped enough to suit me.I think they turned out very well, and the cayenne was just the touch extra that they were needing.  Mrs J announced herself ready for lunch so I made her a quick BLT.All-in-all an enjoyable morning in the kitchen.  I guess I need to start thinking about dinner…


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