Daily Archives: May 13, 2012


Jack – photo from Sun Pony Ranch

Today was my second lesson on Jack and he’s really stolen my heart. He’s a gentle, strong, strong-headed mount and he suits me to a t.  Here’s the description from Sun Pony Ranch:

Jack is level-headed and easy-going as long as he is with other horses. However, he is insecure when away from the herd and needs a rider with confidence to help instill it in him when riding alone. He does need someone who can give clear and strong commands with their aids because he is easily confused and unwilling to do what might be the wrong thing. When he is out of his comfort zone, he can be headstrong and difficult to ride. Jack is not a natural jumper and is still learning to do low jumps. On the ground he is very sweet and easy to work with except sometimes he will test his handler with picking his hooves.

He’s a great teaching horse. Near the end of the lesson, we were to trot through the obstacle course. Jack knew I was tired and my head was not in the game. He was fine through the obstacle course…at a walk. I could not get him to trot, no matter what I tried. Which was fine for both of us. Next week I’ll be more focused and we’ll take it at a full trot.

In other W4DS news, LFern ran an idea by me that has me excited and as we go along, if we decide to pursue it, I’ll keep you informed, it could be fun.

Also starting this week, I think I’m going to take my posts back to some basics because I’m feeling, with the questions I’ve been fielding, we could all be stronger in them. More on that tomorrow. Until then…


Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there – toughest  job in the world.

And to all those out there who are missing your mom or grandma today, I’m sending you big hugs.