Mmm… spicy shrimp noodles

I watched Alton Brown make some broth for miso soup the other day, he used kelp and shaved bonito for it, then he added miso paste and tofu.  Probably some other stuff I’m forgetting.  Anyway, I found myself by the Asian grocery store today while we were out playing with the GPS so I went in and looked for the stuff he used to make the soup.  I found some miso, the shaved bonito, the seaweed and the tofu and brought it home intending to make the soup Alton made.  I got as far as finishing the broth but I just didn’t want to go any farther.  Tofu.  Yeah, I know, healthy and all.  But.

I used the broth to simmer some dried mushrooms and red chilies, and made a sauce with it along with oyster sauce and soy sauce.  The snow peas were past their prime and I needed to use them but the miso soup didn’t strike me as being the proper vehicle.  A shrimp and noodle stir fry was the result of my puttering this afternoon.  I’m sure the cats will love the bonito I strained out of the broth.