Daily Archives: May 19, 2012

Mmm… Hot Dogs

Because I just wasn’t up to cooking anything today.


Strange new kitteh

This fellow has been around for a little while now.  We have been seeing him regularly on the camera by the bird feeders late at night.  He has been, occasionally, answering our “here kitteh kitteh” calls as we have been rounding up our four cats for the night but has been hanging back.   Mrs J and I are loathe to leave ours out at night because we also see coyotes captured by the same camera.  Last night he came right up and allowed me to pick him up.  We sat out on the patio for a while together but I left him to go to bed for the night.  He was back this afternoon, crying at the back door.  Our four are not too excited to see him, Homer and Bea seem to fear him, Toby stalks him but hasn’t made any moves.  Not sure what Bitsy thinks.  Mrs J isn’t too taken with the prospect of another kitteh to feed, but she may take him in to the vet at the shelter for shots and neutering.  Time will tell.