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Eclipse Mocks Me

This was the peak of the eclipse. Click on any photo to embiggen.

As you can see, clear to the south, clear to the north. But smack dab where the eclipse was happening…not so much.

It made for some pretty lighting.

A few more shots from cycling this afternoon:

Blue Columbine – this is the Colorado State Flower

Pelican Party



In keeping with the last few posts, here’s another favorite of ours.  I was thinking tacos with the leftover bit of chorizo chili from the cheese fries but went full on nachos instead once I got going.  The Spanish rice is pretty easy using a can of tomatoes with green chlies and a splash of tomato sauce added to the rice in the rice cooker.  The refried beans are not quite as easy in that they take some mashing and stirring but that isn’t too onerous.  I started with a can of pinto beans with onions.  I had a jar of salsa I made from the Pioneer Woman’s recipe I covered here.  The rest is just chopping veggies.Some assembly required.


Lesson 5: Horse Yoga

I swear to you, that is what we did today. Basically, trusting enough to let go of the reins, take your feet out of the stirrups and stretch and warm-up. Kind of like riding down a big hill on your bike with legs and arms outstretched…or driving a car blindfolded, take your pick.

Things are finally coming together for me, brain and muscles have begun to figure out how to coordinate information. I was still on Jack today and it was good for me. I’m still tentative when it comes to ‘convincing’ Jack when he decides he’s going to do it his way. He knows I’m a soft touch – especially near the end when I’m tired. Today we worked at it until I felt confident and had him do it my way. Bless his big heart.

Next week is our last lesson for this session and it’s Tiffany’s choice for who we ride. She’s keeping that information secret, I can’t imagine who she’ll put me on. I can pretty much guarantee who she won’t put me on:

Shoshoni – photo by Sun Pony Ranch

This is Shoshoni. She’s not only beautiful, she’s a handful and she knows it. It wonderful watching her work with a strong rider.

I’m thinking it might be Romeo:

Romeo – photo by Sun Pony Ranch

He’s a big love. And he’d be one to challenge me – he needs a light hand and relaxed legs. Definitely something I need to work on. But maybe it will be the big guy:

Jordan – photo by Sun Pony Ranch

Jordan is incredibly tall, all leg and neck. My introduction to him was him trying to bully Katy when I went to bring her up to the barn – she was having none of it. He’s really a sweetie, despite the bluster.

So I’ll have to wait until next week to know who it will be – one of these three or someone else? Either way, I’m sure it will be fun.

I’ll try to come up with some actual cooking this week. I am making a big batch of chicken tortilla soup for lunches this week, and I’ve been making some incredible lettuce wraps.  I’ll try and detail those later.  Until then…

Chili Cheese Fries

I was a tad surprised when Mrs J suggested chili cheese fries for Sunday dinner but I hastened to comply.  It’s all about comity!  The chili wasn’t much, some chorizo sausage I had left from the last batch, a little bit of ground beef, a spoonful of ancho chili powder, and a splash of water to bring everything together in a small saucepan.  The fries are frozen shoestrings – it’s hard to top the frozen fries on offer these days and I rarely bother to try.  I deep fried these but oven baking works well, too.Arrange a bed of fries on a plate and spoon some chili over them, add what cheese looks right and either nuke them in the microwave or place them in a 375 oven until the cheese melts.I like to garnish with sliced green onions and fresh jalapenos.  The specks are my fave Tex-Mex seasoning mix.  It has dried ancho and chipotle peppers, garlic, salt, black pepper, and a few more things in it.  Recommended.We used some shredded cheddar and Monterey jack cheeses on these and I don’t think you can do much better than those for this dish but if you do be sure to let me know!I saw recipes that would have you dust the fries with a chili seasoning mix but that may be overkill, the liquid from the chili saturates the fries with that yummy chili flavor.