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Back to Basics: Grilling Steak

A little background. When I began What’s 4 Dinner Solutions, it was a subscription menu service.  Because of the experiences of the people around me, I targeted it to families and specifically those who were intimidated by cooking. I wanted them to have easy, fool-proof recipes that kept them away from fast foods. It grew and grew and then as my life went in another direction, it kind of morphed into this blog.

I want to explore some cooking basics, just because I think everyone can use a refresher now and then. And also, while I was watching a cooking show the other night I realized I could use to improve some of my basic skills, too. I’ve gotten a little sloppy over the years.

Since it’s Memorial Day Weekend, I thought grilling would be a great place to start.

Photo by JeffreyW

It’s a pretty basic skill. There are some tips to grill the perfect steak every time. Cut isn’t as important as cooking technique. My favorites are sirloin, t-bone, rib eye, occasionally I’ll do a NY strip steak. JeffreyW has had some luck with flat iron steaks. I haven’t played with that one enough to have a good feel for it. Pick your favorite and let’s start grilling:

Step 1 – Always have meat at room temperature before grilling. This means taking it out of the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before grilling. Season it, cover it and set it on the counter.

Step 2– Seasoning. Start with the basics while you perfect your technique.  You’ll want to salt it, lightly if it’s a thinner steak, a little heavier for a thick steak.  Use pepper and garlic liberally, With these you are creating a crust that will grill up nicely on your steak. Later on you can move to coffee rubs or seasoned rubs.

Step 3 – Grilling. You’ll want a very hot flame to sear both sides of the steak. Here’s the trick, put the steak on and do not turn it until you can easily move it when you give it a push with a  utensil (usually about a minute or 2). Flip it and repeat. Then move it to a medium flame (or away from direct flame on a charcoal grill) and let grill. For rare your total grilling time is about 5 minutes a side, including searing. Use a meat thermometer until you get a feel for it. NEVER cut into it to test it, see step 4. Rare to medium-rare is going to give you the best grilling experience.

Step 4 – Rest.  Steak (and roasts, too) need to rest for 10 minutes to let the juices redistribute. This keeps your steak from losing all its juice when you cut into it.  If you cut into before that, you’ll be chewing a completely dried out piece of meat, no matter how rare.

That’s it. That is a perfect steak. I’ve heard some people put a pat of butter on it as it rests, I’ve never tried it, but watch enough cooking shows and you’ll see someone do it. Some people use steak sauce…I have no idea why. A good baked potato and salad are all I need with my steak.

Have a good holiday. And remember to thank a vet somewhere along the next three days.


Friday Dinner Music: Storybook Love

As you wish:

Awesome Tornado Picture and NSFW Video

This is not far from where my family lives in Nebraska.  Thanks to Paul and Tracie for sharing these with me.

Tornado near Humphrey, NE 5/24/12

I don’t have a photo credit, my SIL posted it on FB. The video, I’ll link to, it’s amazing, but I won’t post it because it’s full of F-bombs. Not sure my reaction wouldn’t have been similar, but I would have probably found shelter. Look for the rainbow at the bottom of the video at the end. And it’s NSFW, so listen with the sound down…you’ve been warned.

Tornado footage in Humphrey NE

Men Who Cook: Bomb Cheese Sandwich

One of the morning drive DJs I listen to regularly wowed everyone with his lunch yesterday, so today he posted the recipe. Its deliciousness is second only to its simplicity:

Larry Ulibarri sandwich

Larry Ulibarri decided since the cheese sandwich was the most popular lunch item, he would make them for everyone today. The BOMB CHEESE SANDWICH. Mozzarella, Olive Oil, Balsamic, Basil, Tomato, Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt, Salami (if you want) on crusty bread. Nom Nom Nom

I have to agree. Nom. Nom. Nom.