Picnic Post

Too many pictures to post them all separately so I’ll do a slide show.  I will leave out the sweet corn pictures since I treated that aspect to a post of its own.  This was put on by the Johnson clan and friends and was well attended although there have been years with more folks.  A good time was had by all, despite the heat.

Main course was pork steak with an able assist from some grilled chicken breasts, along with a tenderloin from a wild boar from a recent hunt in Texas and a chunk of beef that looked good on the plate.  I have no idea what the cut was and forgot to ask.  The grill master used a secret recipe dry rub that was very good.  I think it had garlic powder, salt, sugar, paprika and cayenne, probably onion powder and black pepper.  Mr Johnson promised to leave a sample with me for an analysis.  Stay tuned!

Most of the usual sides made it to the table, but there were no baked beans!  I wish I had known because my potato salad was one of four, and I make a killer baked bean dish.


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