Some picnic sides

I’m working on the post covering the big Memorial Day picnic a neighbor throws every year.  A good time was had by all.Mrs J made one of these a while back and liked it so well that she made another.  This recipe  calls for a different crust, Mrs J used a pre-made crust of crushed vanilla wafers that worked great.She also put together a blackberry pie using ready made pie crusts.  It worked OK but she swears she will not make another using them, claiming dissatisfaction with how the crusts turned out.  She will be making her own crust next time.  It ate just like any other blackberry pie – yummy!I made a salad of grape tomatoes, mozzarella pearls, and black olives with chopped basil and a red wine vinaigrette. Also made a potato salad with new red potatoes and bacon in a very creamy dill dressing.  It has mayo and sour cream and heavy cream in it, and several cloves of garlic.  Did I mention the bacon?  It has bacon in it. Mmm… bacon!  Also diced celery and a sweet, sweet, Vidalia onion.