Daily Archives: May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Just a reminder to remember those who have served. These photos are from my brother Paul, of the Columbus, NE Memorial Day display. For years my dad was in charge of this event. I don’t know how many flags there are any more. Thousands. Each flag is from a veteran or soldier’s casket. The families donate them and each Memorial Day they are displayed all over town. This year my Uncle Gary’s was added (it’s the single flag in the slideshow).

EDIT: Talked with the folks and guess dad and Paul were helping set up flags since about 5 am today. Thanks guys!

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There was quite a scare a few months ago. The American Legion, where all the flags were stored, had a bad fire. The insurance agents were almost first on the scene, they took the flags, had them cleaned, pressed and packed and not one was lost. Everything else can be replaced.

What fun do you have on the schedule today?