A Few Cycling Photos and TGIF!

(Click on any photo to see full-size.)

I’ve been meaning to put these up for a while, but, shockingly, I was too busy putting up recipes. Go figure. I have been pleasantly surprised on my rides lately that while I’m seeing plenty of baby prairie dogs, none have tried to kill me this season. This is good news for both sides as far as I’m concerned.

This guy and I played red light-green light for quite a while. As long as I was still he’d hang out, preen, ate a fish, etc. As soon as I moved in anyway, he’d hold perfectly still, watching me.

Also a ton of goslings out and about and though I’ve been riding within inches of them (they’ve been hanging out at the edge of the trail) their parents haven’t seen me as a threat, so I haven’t been threatened with attack.

Milkweed is almost a full month early this year. I guess lilacs were as well and the forsythia came and went before I even noticed. I’ll be interested to see what the vegetable crops look like. I am sooooo looking forward to going to the farmer’s market regularly.

I do have an iced coffee update which I will get to today or tomorrow. Until then….