Fried Pies

I was looking through the freezer this morning and found some sausage that looked right for breakfast.  I set it thawing in the microwave and transferred it to the big skillet to fry.  A vague notion of biscuits and gravy came and went, then a pot pie was considered and rejected.  Aha – fried pies!  I scrolled through some Google returns and ran across these:  Louisiana Fried Meat Pies With Cajun Tartar Sauce and Natchitoches Meat Pies Recipe.

I had a fun morning.  The stuffing was from the first recipe (only change – no ground beef, it was all pork sausage), and the crusts were from the second – I had the lard and wanted to try it in a fried pie.  Worked pretty well.The sauce recipe was from the first (Cajun Tartar sauce, heh) but I misread the directions and used only half the oil it called for.  The sauce didn’t thicken very well as a result.  I decided to use a healthy dollop of prepared mayo and whisked in enough to thicken it a bit.  It ended up more a dipping sauce than a ‘tartar” sauce but the flavor was good and I enjoyed it.