Mmm… pizza night

I bought a 14″ aluminum pizza peel and was really wanting to use it.  Made today the day. 

The pie was just a tad too big for the peel and hung over the edges a bit, so despite a generous sprinkle of corn meal the pie didn’t want to slide off onto the stone.  I finally convinced it to slide but got a bit of a wrinkle in the crust.

Oh well, it was a pretty nice build, nonetheless.  I spread a smear of Awesome Sauce and laid down some sliced mozzarella.  We went with three meats – ham, salami, and pepperoni.  For veggies there were halved cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion, red and green bell peppers.  I waited until the pie was out of the oven to grate on the Parmesan.  And waited until Mrs J had removed her share before I added red pepper flakes and ground black peppercorns.  This was a good pie.  Not my best or prettiest, and the hitch with the new peel was a downer, but it was still a good pie.  The dogs were crazy for the bones (the crusts).


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