Patio Flower Garden Update

Mrs J has been having potting fun.They certainly add a lot of color.  The young habanero pepper plants will be bringing the heat later on, if I can keep Bitsy off of them.


3 thoughts on “Patio Flower Garden Update

  1. I don’t know about fennel, but dill hates to be transplanted. Sometimes it recovers, sometimes it doesn’t. So if you bought plants, maybe next year try seeds and see if you have better luck that way. Just a thought.

    EDIT: Lovely garden btw, must be a great place to just hang out (I know Bitsy thinks so).


    • Mrs J gave the dill a close inspection and found the problem – an infestation of aphid-looking things.


      • I just read that dill is a diversion plant, you can plant it in tomatoes and bugs will go for the dill and leave the veggies alone, so that makes sense.


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