I found some chorizo at the supermarket last time I was over there to Mt Pilot and tossed a package into the freezer.  Mexican sounded good the other day so we went with enchiladas.  With the chorizo sausage are black beans and shredded cheddar, all wrapped in burrito sized tortillas.  I made some ancho sauce to pour over them in a casserole dish, and added a can of diced tomato bits with green chilies, just because.  Topped with cheddar halfway through warming in a 350 oven – take them out before the cheese gets too toasty.  Unless you like it toasty.  I was too hungry to wait so these went to the table just like this.

Made up some refried beans from canned pintos, and chopped some tomatoes and onions for pico de gallo.  The green bits are parsley.  Cilantro is pretty enough for a garnish but we can’t abide the taste.  If you like cilantro go ahead and knock yourself out.  The fresh jalapenos are from the container garden, the pickled peppers we canned from last year’s crop.  Can’t wait for the fresh red ones.  There was plenty of the chorizo/black bean mixture left over to add interest to a handful of nacho chips.  Drizzled a little warm cheese sauce over them, too.  Most excellent dinner, with leftovers!


4 thoughts on “Enchiladas

  1. That looks really good! I’ll send it to my daughter who laments the loss of Mexican food resulting from her California exodus.


    • Exodus, or exile? LOL Hard to believe she can’t find good Mexican food in Cali. Thanks for stopping by!


    • It is very colorful, we really love this stuff. I’m sure a real Mexican would point and laugh and call it “Texican” food. LOL!


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