Mmm… sauteed cherry tomatoes

This is a most excellent way to use up those proliferating cherry tomatoes.  I cooked these down in some olive oil with minced garlic, a chopped Vidalia onion, and plenty of fresh basil.  Bowties work fine – any pasta will do.  So easy to make:  Halve the tomatoes and chop the onion, pour a fair measure of olive oil into a big skillet and warm it up.  Toss the veggies in and cook them down, adding some tomato paste towards the end.  If the sauce is too thick just ladle some water from the pasta you have a-boil.  I add thin sliced fresh basil as it cooks and save some for garnish at the table.  Use lots!  Dump your drained pasta into the sauce and stir to combine, plate and serve immediately.  I grated some Asiago cheese on the pasta tonight.  Mmm… cheese!

4 thoughts on “Mmm… sauteed cherry tomatoes

  1. Perfect timing for this recipe as I just picked a bowl from my flower pot garden of cherry tomato vine lol and looked at them tonight and did not feel like the usual shrimp spinach pesto that I usually make with them or the tomato mozzarella salad with black olive that we just had from last batch… thank you…


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