Mmm… stuffed peppers

We picked the first two of many (I hope!) green peppers from the big garden yesterday.  Pretty things, and as nice as any bell peppers we have ever grown.  Yay!  Mrs J thought that the classic burger and rice stuffed pepper recipe would work for these.  Hmm… turns out that there are tons of “classic” stuffed pepper recipes out there!  I looked at a few to get pointed in the right direction.  Most all of them mention tomato soup from a can.  I have no problem with canned soup, other than not having any at hand and not wanting to make a trip to town in this heat.  It was 106 at 1:00 PM!  Going to go higher, I’ll wager.  Any way, I did have supplies enough to make a simple tomato soup from canned tomatoes.  Added some ground cloves and a touch of ground allspice, and a few pinches of dried basil and oregano to that recipe.  And a sprinkle of cayenne – shh, don’t tell Mrs J!  We had a package of thawed burger for the stuffing and browned it with a minced onion, and added cooked wild and long grain rice from a box mix. We added a couple ladles of the soup to that and stirred it to combine everything well.  Meanwhile, we boiled the cored peppers for 7 or 8 minutes and set them aside.  We just had the two peppers so a bread tin seemed just right to us for a cooking vessel.  Cheese mixed in with the stuffing was a feature of several of the recipes we looked over.  Mrs J dug out some fresh goat cheese that was approaching its use-by date so we went with it instead of the commonly mentioned cheddar or mozzarella.We both agreed that the goat cheese was a good call.  Not quite as photogenic as mozzarella but delicious!