Sauteed Tomatoes

Tomatoes are excellent sauteed with garlic and olive oil for serving with pasta but that isn’t the only reason to cook them that way.  These were another batch of fresh tomatoes from the patio garden.  I fear the oppressive 100+ degree days are taking a toll on them, many are starting to shrivel and wilt despite twice daily watering.

I love the way these tomatoes burst in the mouth – those that haven’t already given up their juice to the saute pan.  The corn was from frozen, the green pepper I picked yesterday and the little bit of red pepper was from a batch of sweet red peppers I froze earlier in the year.  Now and again the grocery has great looking red bells on sale, I stock up and freeze the cleaned and quartered peppers on a tray and then transfer to plastic freezer bags.

Not much to say about the shrimp and mushrooms, we bought both frozen and plopped them into the deep fryer for a few minutes.  The mushrooms were just OK, the shrimp were very good.  Mrs J spotted them in the freezer section of the meat place and wanted to try them.  To try yet are some breaded cauliflower florets.  I’m sure I can make better mushrooms than these tonight, and probably can best the cauliflower too but I’ll give them a fair trial.