Low and Slow Baby Back ribs

Wrapped this rack in foil and left it in a 225 oven while we went to town and piddled about shopping and seeing eye doctors.  New glasses are so damn expensive!  Going for the self darkening kind this go around having heard that the tech is better now than the last time I had that.  We’ll see.

Got back home to an enthusiastic reception from the pups, they were very happy to be able to get out to pee.  Can’t blame them.  I looked in on the ribs and decided more time wouldn’t hurt them any.  I swabbed on some BBQ sauce and re-wrapped them and slid the tray back into the oven while I made the beans and the potato salad.  I wanted to try some chorizo sausage instead of bacon in the beans.  It worked fine but chorizo just can’t take the place of bacon.  It wasn’t a bacon-less meal, though, the potato salad has plenty in it.  Also diced dill pickles, sour cream, mayo, onions and celery.  That isn’t paprika, that’s cayenne.  The spuds were Yukon Golds.