Pizza Night

Mrs J assembled her favorite toppings:  Ham, pickled pepper rings, and mozzarella.  We slid it onto a pizza stone in a 450 oven for five minutes, then turned the broiler on to toast the top.  I gave it a spritz of olive oil to help brown the crust.It turned out pretty well.  The crust was relatively thick, bread like on the outer edges.I used ham on mine as well as some tiny pepperoni and some hard salami.  No veggies except for the cherry tomatoes in the sauce.  It got a garnish of thin sliced fresh basil and some grated asiago to go with the red pepper flakes.  These were good pies.  Sauteed cherry tomatoes and fresh basil make a killer sauce.  I like the thicker crusts, and so do the pups, all the more for them!