Rain drops keep falling on my head…

Not really rain, though I wish it were.  Daily watering is needed to keep the container plantings alive.  I was sprinkling the parsley when I saw this mantis scurry out of the shower.I have a conflicted view of these insects due to one looking to eat a hummingbird last year.  Still, it’s hard to blame an insect for doing what Nature has programmed them into doing.

For some reason the mantises don’t seem to be fearful of humans, this one was more interested in licking the droplets off his antennae than in the camera lens pushing closer and closer.

I vaguely remember reading that it was not uncommon to keep a mantis as a pet – locked up within a small cage and fed the occasional treat.  I wouldn’t want one but I can well imagine why someone else might.

Do you have a favorite “bug”?


6 thoughts on “Rain drops keep falling on my head…

    • I remember seeing those beetles, can’t remember now if they were from a childhood sighting or if they were from a TV nature show. – “Old Timer’s Disease”


  1. Love those shots JW. Nice reprieve for me this morning. I agree with Mike, that first shot he looks like he’s ready for his close-up and to give you the current garden news. “Well, Jeffrey, the latest update from the parsley patch is….”


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