Farmer’s Market

We took the occasion of the first day that isn’t just stupid hot to do some errand running. After we set off I remembered that Saturday is the farmer’s market day so we paid a visit. There wasn’t anything in particular I wanted aside from a few of the elephant garlic bulbs I saw there last year.I just love these things, they are verging on “vegetable” instead of “seasoning”.  I have a few tomatoes simmering down for some awesome sauce and these awesome cloves of garlic are just the thing for it.

I didn’t have my usual pocket camera with me but I did remember that my Android tablet has a camera.  It was unwieldy but sufficient for a few pictures.

It was hard to compose a decent shot with the sun glaring off the screen of the pad.  Not to mention me feeling a bit silly holding the thing up in the air.  Shutter lag was another problem but I don’t want to turn this into a gadget review so I’ll just leave it there.