Pancake batter coating for onion rings

I came across a recipe for fried onion rings the other day that used pancake batter mix to coat the rings.  There were several pretty much identical recipes on the same theme and most of the reviews were positive.  Tonight we gave them a try.I mixed up some batter per the package directions and dusted the rings with flour and seasonings.  These got seasoned salt and a generous shake of cayenne.  I seems somewhere along the line I learned that dusting the raw rings like this helped the batter stick better.  You can treat this step as optional.  Dredge the floured rings in the batter, shake off excess, and plop them into the hot oil.  They will float, flip them onto the other side so they brown evenly and remove to a rack to drain.  I keep mine in a warm oven while the rest of the batch fries.  Give them another good shake of salt while they are fresh from the oil.Mrs J calls them a success, saying they were “sweet tasting” and “very good” and “I could eat the entire basket of them”.  Not that they came in an actual basket, mind, but you know what she meant.  I’ll give them an 8 on a 10 scale.  Good flavor, easy recipe to put together, but just a tad too greasy.  I think a final coat of bread crumbs would have been good for these but I wanted to try them with just the batter.

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