Rainy day!  Finally getting some rain, nearly an inch and a half in the last two or three days.  I mowed for the first time in ages and today’s slow soaker will go a long way to green the grass again.  Too late for the corn though.  Here’s Greta:I’m not sure what kitteh is seeing, and she looks like she doesn’t have any idea herself.  Equal time for puppy:Staff at the shelter spend a lot of time cleaning and grooming their charges.  Often a new animal will come in that has been neglected, covered with ticks and fleas, and filthy.For the most part these baths and then the toweling off are greatly appreciated.

We had Mexican the other day for the mid day meal.  These lunches are turning into the main meal of the day.Enchiladas are a favorite, these are beef and bean with plenty of cheese.  Ancho and cheese sauces garnish them with yum! and the pico de gallo and refried sides go great with nacho chips.  Best part is the leftover fillings for an evening grilled burrito The cheese sauce over the burrito in back is a concoction of a white cheese with jalapenos and a can of tomatoes with green chilies.  The dark sauce over the front half is made from dried ancho and New Mexico (Hatch) chilies that have simmered in water to soften them and then blended with lime juice and garlic.  I think this sort of sauce is generally known as a mole sauce – and recipes for these sauces return scads of hits on Google.  They can be complex and often contain chocolate and nuts but those aren’t essential.