My sister-in-law Tracie sent along some pictures of her and my brother Paul’s latest canning adventures. While I was out they canned a batch of pickles and it was clear their small garden was going to continue to give them an abundance of produce as witnessed by yesterday’s haul:


What to do, what to do? Let’s think while we scald and peel:


When life hands you tomatoes, peppers and onions, why not make salsa?


Last year when it became clear they were going to do a whole lot of canning, they came up with a wonderful solution that allows them to use a larger pan and keep the house cool. They adapted their turkey fryer equipment for double duty:


I may have to make another trip home just to pick up some canned goods. Yum!

Thanks to my little bro and SIL for the great photos. xo

Canning Season

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